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Soul Work

Mentor is warm and direct.

Three hours. Mom and I listen with our jaws on the floor.

Keep in mind, we didn’t know about #narcissisticabuse. I found the right words to define our family curse two decades later. Mentor speaks in terms of ‘everything is energy’ and explains why this is so important to human existence. Within those teachings, I found tools to work through my suffering.

And I must stress—WORK.

There is no magic bullet to kill the monster with one shot. No spells to skip emotional and psychological pain. The labyrinth we built to contain our suffering comes down one wall at a time. Or maybe many at time, like dominoes. But bringing it down all at once is not recommended. Though mentor did tell me once, a glitter in his eye, ‘the Universe loves an overachiever.’ He made me promise to take breaks.

Everything is energy. Humans have access to two kinds—personal and universal.

Personal (ego)= Finite

Universal = Infinite

We are conceived in the womb with every drop of personal energy needed to learn this life’s chosen lesson. It navigates human existence. It is personality. Unique to each person. Our knowledge of self and existence. Pieces of this soul break away as we live and endure. But they don’t disappear. They simply wait for us to choose wholeness and bring them home.

This #soulwork is the essence of my shamanic path. Bringing myself home.

Twenty years of retrieving and reintegrating soul pieces. Terrifying and joyful work. For every piece, I feel exactly what caused me to break. Then we cradle each other. Become one again.

Relationships transform. Truths tumble from my mouth—rare, precious jewels to some and poisoned arrows to others.

And yet, #soulretrieval is only a small part of shamanic wisdom. The tip of the iceberg.

Especially for those who survive #narcissists and #generationalabuse.

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