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Monsters of Many Names

One lesson rewired my life.

That first three hour session with my mentor, he explained ego and universal energy/soul retrieval/spirit animals/generational programming/navigating the spirit world/the shamanic journey. Enraptured, mom and I tried to absorb it all, (we returned over a period of ten years to absorb more). But one part struck so hard, it still resonates to this day.

Sacrificing your ego energy for others is useless.

It operates on its own frequency—powers only your body, perspective, and purpose. For others, it is unusable.

Humans play ego energy games. Soul pieces break away in traumatic experiences, but we also trade, share, and steal them from each other. And none of us are exempt because we learn it from those around us.

For the soul trade, people desire a continuous link, so they trade soul pieces to always feel connected. They can spiritually never let each other go until the soul pieces are returned to their rightful place. But because they can’t use each other’s energy it is a burden. Eventually, they descend into cycles of bitterness, exhaustion, and confusion.

The soul share is often characterised, falsely, as ‘the ultimate act of love’. A person gives their soul piece to another for safe keeping. Love means it is kept safe, despite the harm is causes. And thus, a codependent relationship is born.

And finally, the soul steal. The piece is taken. But the ego energy is only usable if the rightful owner is nearby. Otherwise it’s heavy, so the thief discards it, haphazardly and without care. Then they must take another. And then another.

But the most confusing part of the soul steal—nothing can be stolen without permission. So a thief must find someone who is already trained to sacrifice their energy, or they must train the person to sacrifice.

I burst into tears.

My ancestresses programming, that tarnished heirloom, enabled nothing except self-sacrifice. Our souls stolen to feed monsters-of-many-names. Trained to give and give and give and give until we have no fight left. #Invalidate our own experience. Shut up. Sit down. Accept abuse as our normal. Never find our voice. Shrink. The perfect victims for the #narcissist, who feasts on others’ souls.

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Farrah Khan Al-Mousawi
Farrah Khan Al-Mousawi
Jan 23, 2022

I look like a stoned Keanu meme right now xxx

Mar 04, 2022
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